Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Villa Augustus

Last week I brougth a visit to Villa Augustus in Dordrecht.

What a beautiful and relaxed place this is!!
There is a hotel, a restaurant, a little bar with a shop and a big garden.
The place is very special; the decoration is very inspiring with fresh flowers everywhere and you will find big chandeliers at the ceiling with funny details.
The coffee tasted good and the cake made in their own bakery also did. Yum!
The vegetables and the fruit are from their own big garden and you can buy them as well in the little shop.
The hotel is located in the old water tower.

I defenitely will return here on a sunny day! I would recommend this place to everyone!



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hellen van Berkel

I very much like the scarves and the cushions of the Dutch textile designer Hellen van Berkel.
Her style is so delicate and unique.

She designs single copies or limited series with an authentic handmade quality. She mixes traditional block printing and silkscreen printing with the latest digital print techniques and adds exquisite handmade embroidery. That all together makes it totally perfect!

Just a footnote:
don't you agree the scarves combine perfectly with the new bags from Mirjam Zwolsman in my shop? http://tiny.cc/t5fps

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


een stoere held uit starwars

een roze spaanse prinsesdanseres

een ondeugend klein luipaardleeuwtje