Monday, March 26, 2012


About a year ago I introduced the bags of Mirjam Zwolsman on my blog. 
Beautiful handcrafted colourful and creative bags made in a little studio / shop in Breda.
I am still a huge fan! 
And recently Mirjam introduced a new line in her shop which is called the BonBonBAG!
This bag has the shape of a tasty bonbon and the colours make that the water runs in your mouth so you want more and more and more...:)
Besides the tasty look the bag is practical and very authentic.

A BonBonBAG simply completes your outfit perfectly and makes you feel happy every day.
There will be a new website soon. For now take a look on

Tas nummer B1  Tas nummer B2
Tas nummer B3  Tas nummer B5  Tas nummer B7  Tas nummer B7